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Sunday, December 9, 2007

FALL-OUT FROM: Could I have been WRONG about Ron Paul

Yesterday, I wrote a little post on how I may have been wrong in dismissing and outright criticising Ron Paul as a viable Republican candidate and Presidential contender. It was entitled "Could I Have Been WRONG about Ron Paul?"
I stressed "might" and that I was just beginning to really dig into Dr. Paul's positions, but at a gut level, I just LIKED him.
I have two humble little blogs which I use as an outlet to discuss things I like, things I dislike, and to generally blow off stress. I have a lot of ads on my blogs and to date I've earned $1. I put them up more as decoration than anything else.
I never envisioned them drawing any type of mass response nor was it ever my intent. Blogging was a hobby I enjoyed and as I view the good and the bad in the world to today, it gave me some satisfaction that somewhere on Google, at least my opinions were at least present.
Much to my shock and amazement, This article receive over 7400 Page Views, over 800 "diggs" at, and over 232 comments at This morning, I found an additional 35 comments waiting for posting on Anyone But Hillary in 2008!!!
That sets an all-time record for either of my blogs! My post was also "buried" at meaning more people who read it gave Ron Paul (and me) a thumbs down than the 800+ who gave it a thumbs up.
It just goes to show you what a polarizing figure Ron Paul has become and why I now find him "interesting". I'll keep looking into him and you will see more posts about him, but rest assured, I am no "shill" for Ron Paul, as some on DIGG asserted.I think my article makes that clear to all but the most thick-headed as well as the fact I have been dismissive of Ron Paul in the past. I even wrote a post "Now is NOT the time for Ron Paul" which got me criticism from the pro-Ron Paul people....but NOTHING like what I got with this post from the anti-Ron Paul crowd.
And in reading all the comments and comments to other pro-Ron Paul posts, I discovered something else. Basically two groups of people are commenting (and voting): those who support Ron Paul and those that are AFRAID of Ron Paul.
Another plus for the Ron Paul camp: fear is generally a synonym for ignorance (except when it comes to Hillary).
And thank you Ron Paul supporters for your kindness and suggestions on where to look for research. I was tempted to delete one comment that used the f-word a couple of times, but I believe in free speech, even when it makes a point in a vulgar way.
You'll see more posts from me on Dr. Paul in the future. I'm not going to agree with everything he says, but he's doing a good job of winning me over! By the way, there the heck did you come up with a blimp? I thought Blimps R Us went out of business years ago. :-)
I enjoy good, reasoned, civil conversation. I certainly got that and a lot more yesterday! And remember, vote for ANYONE (but maybe give Ron Paul a real hard look) BUT HILLARY in 2008! Tags:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Kevin said...

You have probably heard this before a hundred times by now, but I could have written (not as eloquently I have to admit) the same story.

I went from dismissing and opposing Ron Paul to LIKING the man based on watching him speak.

I have now spent literally hundreds of hours to learning more about him and his positions.

All the best

Anonymous said...

I am a Democrat and a Barack Obama supporter. Still, like you, I find Ron Paul (and his following) to be utterly fascinating.

While there is no chance that I would vote in the Republican Primary, I think it is important that Ron Paul is out there saying the things that he is saying and giving voice to ideas that obviously resonate with a large number of people.

Angela - Natural Fast Food - Wholefood Farmacy said...

You have just gotten your first taste of what Ron Paul supporters are up against. It's not pretty and we are pissed. We've been censored beyond belief and our freedoms are at risk.

Watch these:

And watch this:

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