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Friday, December 14, 2007

Alternatives to Hillary: If We Don't Vote for Hillary, who SHOULD we Vote For?

This blog is named Anyone But Hillary in 2008. It's named that for a reason: I am absolutely convinced that Hillary Clinton is motivated purely by personal ambition; that she has an agenda going back to the 1960's that would end America as we know it. She can sound tough, but if (when) another 9/11 hits, she is not the one I want nor do I feel is capable of calling the shots. And that's just one issue. Here being for, and then against, most major issues makes her had to quantify and reinforces my position that she will say and do anything to become President. In a nutshell, I think she's a liberal, globalist, ideologue who will say anything and do anything to become President. I just don't trust her and her record has given me no reason to start trusting her now.

That being said, "Anyone" But Hillary in 2008 is a little simplistic. The American people are going to elect "Someone" President of the United States in 2008. Other than Hillary we have a mixed bag to choose from and some new themes to look at.

The candidates range from professional, business as usual politicians to some more unique characters. In terms of themes, the most blatant is Big Government versus Small Government, because the candidate's position on this theme will reflect in their position on every other issue before us.

At the one end you have Hillary Clinton: Big Government, more government interference in your everyday lives, redistribution of wealth, subordinating our Nation Interests to the United Nations.........

On the other end you have Ron Paul (DON'T make the mistake of writing him off). He is for substantially smaller Government, less government involvement in our lives, an end to America being the policeman of the planet.........

And in between, we have a plethora of candidates who lean one way or the other to varying degrees on one issue here, another issue there.

SOMEWHERE in this group there must be someone worth voting FOR, not simply against Hillary (as vital as that is). My next series of posts is going to compare different candidates against Hillary to try and determine, Republican or Democrat, who is the best Presidential choice for 2008.

I freely admit it is VERY early to be doing this and so-called "front-runner" status is not going to come into play that much for obvious reasons. You need only look to the Republicans where Rudy Guiliani was "destined" to be the GOP candidate.....and suddenly is ranked number three behind Mitt Romney and New Front runner Mike Huckabee. At least until next week.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton was the "clear" front runner by 20 to 30% and more over everyone. Now the pollsters are saying it's neck and neck between Hillary and Barack Obama in New Hampshire. At least until next week.

Not all issues will be covered in each post; as with all my blogs, it's what interests me that's important. I will be relying primarily on what each candidate has had to say versus what editorial writers extrapolate from that. These posts will be fact based as much as it's possible to be fact based when discussing politicians in general. The only editorializing will come from me and I will try to keep that to a minimum.....but knowing myself, it will be impossible NOT to comment on some of the candidates positions, Republican and Democrat alike.

In the interests of perspective and full disclosure, I will tell you that I'm a political agnostic now. I used to be a Republican, but if the scandals, missteps, and outright mismanagement of the Republican Congress starting 1n 1993 were the nails in the coffin, George W. Bush has been the hammer that banged them in. In fact, I wrote an article on my other blog, The Unloading Zone, entitled "A (until recently) Republican is forced to ask "When did George W. Bush Go Insane?"

The George W. Bush I knew as the Great Uniter of Texas is no where to be seen and hasn't been since 9/11. I honestly think the man may have lost his mind.

So I go into this inherently distrusting ALL the candidates....there will be no party favoritism here. As the weeks go by, I hope you find these articles informative and insightful. If you do or don't, please feel free to comment. For the purposes of this series, I will lift my ban on pro-Hillary posts (although I may comment back to you). All comments will be approved.

I'll be alternating between Democrat and Republican candidates. Because he interests me the most at this point, the first article in this series will be a comparison of Hillary to Barack Obama. Stay tuned................

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Hillary has a Mullet?

Kate said...

The choice of the american people is Ron Paul of course!

fractalman said...

Kucinich, have you seen his wife? Can you say FLILF???

stealthc said...

The only candidate I find remotely acceptable is Ron Paul. And that because I've been watching him for some years now and I *know* he won't betray us. Maybe Tom Tancredo or John McCain after that, but only while holding my nose.

Groverblue said...

Ron Paul, of course!

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