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Friday, December 14, 2007

Poll: Is There a Conspiracy on DIGG Against Ron Paul?

I know there is a large camp that say DIGG is being used as a shill for Ron Paul, but I have a question: I've posted many articles DIGG and EVERY SINGLE ONE that has Ron Paul's name in the title has been buried.......even one with over 800 thumbs up. It doesn't even matter if the article is primarily about Ron Paul: if his name is in the title, it's buried.

Has anyone else experienced this or am I just the unlucky one?

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Brewskie said...

Dolittle is an ex-pro. I wish people would see that it's patently unfair to include a pro up against people who, most likely, have never been in front of a an audience, let alone one as large as "Idol". Take the "pro factor" out and it's clear the competition is about Jordan and Lakeisha.

Brewskie said...

The moderators are how Paul stories get to the front page.

It's also the moderators who ban you if you bring that fact up.

Cupantae said...

It is happening to other retards, yes.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

How about using the word "politically challenged"? It doesn't make you sound like such an ass.

xuanyan said...

Yes, there is a bias against Ron Paul. Searching Digg for Ron Paul returns 72 pages of stories right now. If you include buried stories, there are 1,616 pages of stories. Watch what happens on Dec. 16 when the Tea Party is on. The same thing will happen that happened on November 5 - Hundreds of Ron Paul stories will be submitted, and not more than one or two will see the front page.

imaccomi said...

I can't read your article b/c I am at work and it is blocked but I have to say that Digg is the last place there is a conspiracy against any candidates. There are definitely digg and bury brigades but the system here is a democratic one and Ron gets plenty of coverage. Conspiracy I think not.

captainnopants said...

For the last time, it isn't a conspiracy, it's just too damn much Ron Paul. People get annoyed by the literally countless amount of stories submitted every day. The site, as a whole, gets it. You love Ron Paul. Stop trying to cram it down everyones throats all the time and you'll have better results.

ssn697 said...

Do you even see the flaw in your logic? Over SIXTEEN HUNDRED PAGES of Ron Paul stories. Are you really trying to convince us there is 1600 pages worth of good information?

thecr0nic said...

I dont think I would call this a conspiracy. I would call this a symptom of a democratic system, which in this case is supported by groups of people that will both blindly digg and bury any article that has any mention of Ron Paul.

There are times when there are several Ron Paul submissions on the front page, and others when most of them have been buried off of the radar.

I would suggest that when any topic gets to a high level of popularity, that groups of people will backlash against it. We have seen this with iPod's, Paris Hilton and a number of other high profile topics. Digg is a great system, but I don't think anyone would say its perfect. I don't think this is any organize conspiracy by digg, but rather a form of backlash due to the immense popularity of Ron Paul on digg.

Larry Silverstein said...

Ron Paul is a disgusting anti-semite.

I am more than happy to use any tacticts I can muster to ensure all his digg stories get buried, all his youtube videos get nasty comments and anyone who was even thinking about voting for him doesn't.

Interesting how you being a Ron Paul fan and believing in free speech choose to moderate all comments - I bet you this will never be posted seeing as my blog tells the Ron Paul story exactly as it is.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Gee Larry, I guess you guessed's your comment for the world to see.

Personally, I would never vote or support a "disgusting anti-semite". I honestly have yet to see any evidence that Ron Paul is one. I did read something about him meeting at some time with some white supremisist but we've had people in Congress for years who were in the KKK.

Please comment back if you've got some real hard-core evidence that Ron Paul hates Jews. I'll help spread the word. Conversely, if you don't have any "real" evidence, then consider that slander is a dirty word too.

I do admire you for not posting as "Anonymous". As to comment moderation, I refuse to post comments that favor Hillary Clinton: period.

SHE is the one you should be worried about because she'd bail on Israel in a heartbeat if the political climate and the polls suddenly changed.

Instead of being so negative and attempting to sabatage a candidate you don't approve of, why not find one you can support and use all that pent-up energy positively. That would be a mitzvah.

Thanks for speaking your mind and thanks for visiting. You're welcome any time.

Sincerely, Mr. Unloadingzone

Kevin said...

Let me respond to a few of the points in this thread.

Yes, there is a conspiracy on Digg against Ron Paul. To be fair his supporters are digging anything with the words Ron or Paul on it.

Ron Paul is not associated with white supremacist. One white supremacist gave his campaign 500$. This was an unasked for contribution and his campaign has refused to return it when the media requested it. The reason for not returning it? That is 500$ less in the hands of a white supremacist. Priceless.

Ron Paul is also not racist, here you can see an old interview where he states that he would like african american economist Walter Williams as his Vice President.

"Sleuth: If you were to defy the polls and the odds and win the nomination, who would be your running mate?

Paul: Well, I don't know, but if I won, you know, I'd want a recount. You know, lets be certain about what's going on here.

But a running mate. Somebody like Walter Williams. Walter Williams is a very good economist. John Stossel, John Stossel would be good."

Ron Paul is not an anti semite. His campaign manager is at least half jewish and there are at least two small Jewish groups supporting Ron Paul.

Here is an accurate account of the situation.

I hope this helps clear things out.

Jana said...

Indeed this is true, I found a digg post warning Ron Paul supporters to make sure they read articles before digging (duh. This article went on to point to a post on Huck's Army Forum, encouraging his supporters to make bogust stories only featuring Ron Paul in the title...Being the Ron Paul supporter that I am, I posted this link on my site, only to find the conspiratorial post to be deleted the next day. Huckabee is just another power hungry politician, and his supporters need to research their candidate before actually voting. Thanks for sharing :)

Tarheel said...

Here's another blogger's experience of the "bury brigade" phenomonon.

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