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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Karl Rove and Hillary Clinton Make Strange Bedfellows

I would be hard-pressed to think of two people so unlikely to share the same view on a controversial and polarizing issue as Karl Rove, the evil genius behind George W. Bush's election and re-election, and Hillary Clinton, self-serving 1960's left-over. Not only do they share the same view, but their view is at the far left of the political spectrum.

Their comments were made in two different venues and under very different circumstances. Yet you could attribute Hillary's comments to Rove and visa-versa and no one would know the difference. The topic was Illegal Immigration.

For Rove, the venue was the East Texas Immigration Summit sponsored by Texas Employers for Immigration Reform.

For Hillary, the event less than a week after Rove's comments was the National Public Radio sponsored debate among the Democrat contenders.

In an interview at the Summit with the Houston Chronicle, Rove said the following "one out of 20 workers in America is here illegally.....If you think we can take 5% of our workforce and throw them out, your kidding yourself. We would suffer serious economic damage. There is a moral cost. There's a practical cost."

During the NPR debate, when pressed for a straight answer, Hillary finally relented and said “What we’re looking at here is 12 to 14 million people — they live in our neighborhoods, they take care of our elderly, they probably made the beds in the hotels that some of us stayed in last night. They are embedded in our society. If we want to listen to the demagogues and the calls for us to being to round up people and turn every American into a suspicious vigilante, I think we will do graver harm to the fabric of our nation than any kind of person-by-person reporting of someone who might be here illegally.”

Politics really does make strange bedfellows. I just hope they use a condom: those two pools of genes could only produce one offspring: The Anti-Christ. Add to Digg DiggIt! Reddit Reddit Stumbleupon Stumble This Google Bookmarks Add to Google Bookmarks Yahoo My Web Add to Yahoo MyWeb Technorati Add to Technorati Faves Slashdot Slashdot it

1 Comment:

Naughten said...


When did her Christian God give her the right to support mothers sacrificial killing their own children by abortion?

When did her American Constitution give her the right to support the sacrifice American wealth and blood, on behalf of domestic and foreign lobbies?

Ignore her acting; watch for those involuntary grotesque facial expressions - those fleeting grimaces of horror that reveal her tormented soul.

Is her impending doom the work of that “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”, or is her own blooming moral depravity?

To know her puppeteer, Google: Mark Penn.
To understand the threat of foreign lobbies, Google: Mearsheimer’s documentary, “Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy”

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