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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Could I have been WRONG about Ron Paul?

You've probably noticed a lack of posts on this blog compared to my other blog, The Unloading Zone. It's not because I don't have the time; it's just that this campaign to date has been so lackluster, so scripted, so.......boring.

I write about what interests me and so far, very little has interested me in the 2008 Presidential Race. I anticipated a little heat after the first of the year and, after all, the election is about 11 months away. There will be plenty to write about later on. Or so I thought.

One thing I have done is been rather dismissive of Dr. Ron Paul, Republican/Libertarian from Texas. Not only on this blog, but especially in the comments section on which these days seems nothing more than a Gen X platform for Dr. Paul.

I saw him as a latter-day Ross Perot; a spoiler who would pull enough Republican votes to hand the White House to Hillary. And I am SOLIDLY against anything or anyone who could hand her the Presidency. My plan: Texas has open primaries so I would vote (for the first time in my life) as a Democrat, pick Obama or whomever else was the strongest candidate next to Hillary, and then vote for the Republican, whomever THAT is in the general election. Holding my nose while I vote in the general election won't be enough: I planned on wearing a gas mask.

So I'm surfing the political news looking for something to write about this morning. Do I REALLY want to get into the whole "whose the best Christian" thing with Huckabee and Romney? Has Rudy gotten into ANOTHER scandal? Is Mike Huckabee's "lets isolate AIDS patients" position political suicide, a ticket to the White House, or just a pathetic bid for airtime? I'm interested......NOT. In fact, none of the Republican front-runners excite me in the least or even interest me.

On the Democrat side, Obama, despite his appeal to me as a Hillary-Killer, is really just a clone of her on Universal Healthcare and Education. Nothing exciting to talk about there. And Hillary hasn't done anything shocking enough to justify a post the past few days. And who can even remember who the other Democrats are. I guess I'll go back to my other blog where I am having some fun.

And then I noticed someone (predictably on DIGG) had posted something about a Newsweek interview video with Ron Paul on the Second Amendment. That caught my eye. I am a fervent supporter of the Constitution and the Second Amendment has been trampled on more than the other nine. I also like guns. I own guns. I carry a gun when I go out. (yes, I have a concealed handgun license). So, despite my fatigue with the Ron DIGG Paul crowd, I decided to watch the video. Then I watched the other two videos there: one on Israel and it's right to exist; the other on getting rid of the IRS. And you know what? I found myself LIKING Ron Paul!

It wasn't the positions he took, per se.....these were short videos. I liked how he handled himself. I liked the confidence in his positions he exhibited. I liked his honesty. I particularly liked the way he handled the reporter when he tried to "trap" Dr. Paul. No blustering, no double-speak. He just considered for a second and gave an answer. He could have obfuscated, he could have bobbed and weaved, but he didn't. And he's the first politician I've seen since Ronald Reagan who seemed very comfortable with himself.

Obama "quit" smoking after criticism from his handlers. If Dr. Paul smoked (I don't believe he does), he would have lit up a cigarette on camera, acknowledged the health hazards, and basically said "this is who I am". I'll say it again, I found myself LIKING Ron Paul.

But liking him and seeing him elected are too different things. I originally stopped looking at his positions too closely after I heard he wanted to abolish the IRS and reduce the size of government by 50%. This was just another Libertarian in Republican clothes, I thought. Politicians come and go but bureaucracies are forever.

I went back to Dr. Paul's website this morning and REALLY read his positions, not just the little teaser paragraphs that end with a hyperlink to "details". Do I think he's going to be able to reduce the size of government by 50%? No, the Congress and the bureaucrats won't let that happen. But I found myself agreeing with him more than I disagreed. I found his positions more plausible than the soundbites of them would indicate. And I just liked the guy!

I'm not coming out with an endorsement based on insomnia and web surfing, but I am going to read more about Ron Paul and I am going stop dumping on him as a spoiler. If he can get enough airtime and enough debate time, (I can't believe I'm going to say this) he MAY BE ELECTABLE, even against Hillary!

So as a cynical baby boomer who has had his heart broken too many times by the Republicans, I will say that I now find Dr. Paul "interesting" and plan to do a lot more research on him and his positions. Before the DIGG servers explode, let me say that I am not changing the name of my blog: Defeating Hillary Clinton is critical to the survival of America, I truly believe that. She is the antithesis of Ron Paul. Under Hillary, we would just be a client state of the United Nations.
But I like Ron Paul and I'm going to keep up on him.

And who knows, I have two spaces on my lawn I reserve for political signs. One is going to Maher Maso, who is running for Mayor of Frisco, TX (like anyone outside of Frisco cares). But the other spot doesn't have a name on it. Wouldn't it be something if a Ron Paul for President sign ended up there........

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mediaspree said...

Be careful, your research might become an obsession.

Kwashiorkor said...

"...he's the first politician I've seen since Ronald Reagan who seemed very comfortable with himself." Amen!

estrader said...

That's why most people like him aside from his stance on issues ...
He is a straightshooter, open, and speaks truth, and doesn't pander to any special interest group, and defends the constitution.

Almost every other politician you can see right through, when they try to answer questions based on what
people want to hear, not what they really believe.

Give him a chance and look into his position and watch some of his youtube videos before you brush him aside. There is a reason why some many people are 'fanatical' about him.

And yes we came from all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. I have an MBA, speak 3 languages (including mandarin), have my own business, am what most people would call a "fundamental Christian" and am not some 21 year old internet geek.

just my 2 cents

soulmantim said...

Ron Paul is the Green Eggs and Ham of the Republicans...
Try'll like him

TheTaoOfBill said...

You might feel the urge to donate 100 dollars on dec 16th. Don't worry. That's completely normal.

mickyq said...

This candidate has been able to convert someone who has been least bothered about US politics until recently into an aggressive follower of US Politics. And he is not even a politician! He is my American Idol (and I am not even an American, yet... I hope to be one soon). But I feel proud to see myself as a small part of this revolution.. my contribution - donations to the Ron Paul campaign.
Dr. Ron Paul, as long as you are running for presidency, there is hope for humanity!!

edward9145 said...

We are known as the paulites, wacko's, Ron Paul's People, and there will be a day that we will be called the People, Citizens, but most of all we will be known as the people that saved the Republic of the United States. Thank you Ron Paul Supporters for Freedom.

AlbertM said...

Your story is the story on millions. Ron Paul's integrity, honesty, consistency and humility are endearing qualities that make him an irresistible candidate. He is an inspiration to his followers. He has awaken a huge groundswell of people who want nothing less than authenticity.

charles1123 said...

This is it folks, look at your kids, and do all you can to make sure they stay free! One day your grandchildren will recall the day that the people had to get off their asses to make sure that we did not lose our country. Down with GLOBALIZATION! Our SOVEREIGNTY comes first! GO RON GO!!

ExDem4RP said...

We have cookies, milk and a blimp. You're welcome here anytime your little baby boomer heart desires. Let me know, I'll send you the sign when you're ready.

mike said...

Limiting the size of the national government is actually a traditional republican ideal. People are just idiotic about what a real republican is these days

Trevor said...

What? You woke up and want a pat on the fucking back?

Before you know it you'll be saying there is no difference between the political parties!

Lol, congrats on becoming less of a sheep today, but don't feel too good, you're a little fucking late.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Paul was being quite truthful (as always) when he stated that he is the defender of the Constitution. And that is exactly what America needs right now.

Andrew said...

Whether there is a viable 3rd party candidate in the race or not, the Democrat will win if any Republican other than Ron Paul gets the nomination. Surge or no surge, unless Iraq turns into a vacation destination by next November, whomever is viewed as the anti-war candidate will win. Excluding Paul, every Republican would be considered the pro-war candidate against any Dem nominee. That's why Paul is drawing so many crossover voters (another throwback to Reagan). You'd be amazed at how many Dems I talk to who say they're voting Democrat unless it's Paul vs Clinton. Then, they say, they'd vote Paul. To me, if your goal is beating Hillary, Paul is the man.

Anonymous said...

this is a good read.
nice to see ron paul getting a wider audience
finally someone who recognize it doesn't matter what issue you support -- let the people deal with it in their local governments.

Rosemary said...

I admire your honesty and the fact that your mind is open enough to consider all options.

My "journey" toward Ron Paul has been similar to yours. Although I've been a voting democrat for 20+ years, I could not bear the real implications of a President Hillary. On principle, I shunned even the idea of going republican. I don't know what whim first allowed me to honestly study Ron Paul's candidacy - but I continue to find that the more I learn about the man, the more his ideas resonate with my own views about the role of government. I don't have a sign on my lawn (yet), but I'm leaning towards the idea...

Ra said...

I hope that more people take a close look at ALL the candidates.
I support this at

I hope that people can stop being loyal to a Party and start being loyal to their Country

specsaregood said...

You sound like most of us, you stumble upon a Ron Paul speech or interview and go away saying, "Wow, there is ONE HONEST politician." Then you review his record and find out he has been voting that way for 20 years.

If you haven't been to this site:
Give it a whirl, over 1000 articles and speeches by Ron Paul. He is one politician that is not afraid of going on the record.

StormyAaron said...

Reagan has said many things supporting Ron Paul when Reagan was in office. Also Reagan is quoted as saying "Libertarianism is the basis for Conservatism." Ron Paul looks to be one of the last true GOP candidates, in terms of what the GOP use to stand for.

Anonymous said...

I had something of the same type of journey myself. What I've come to realize is this. If Ron Paul is not elected, he will have still served as reminder of what a principled defender of the US Constitution and a real patriot sounds and acts like.

Brian said...

There's one thing I've always said about Ron Paul, and that's that his positions cannot be boxed in to 30 second clips or even a paragraph. His positions are very complex and need a thorough reading to fully understand. Without that in depth look, he comes off as either ignorant, crazy, or both.

Take eliminating the Department of Homeland Security as an example. Most people who read that tagline would say "Well, that's absurd! How are we supposed to protect ourselves if we don't watch for the terrorists?!" An in depth reading would indicate that he actually believes in what the DHS does functionally, for the most part, but thinks it can be done in a much more efficient and transparent way. That's something we can all agree with, I believe.

People at large just don't give Ron Paul the time he needs. They don't take the time and effort to think critically about his positions and the criticisms lobbied against him. As a result, you have a lot of people running around saying that Ron Paul won't defend this country from terrorists, that he wants to abolish abortion, and all sorts of other distortions and misunderstandings. You have straw-man attacks and guilt-by-association smears. It's sad, really, to think how far we've fallen as a country when we lack the mental faculties or desire to understand positions that extend beyond the boundaries of a 15 second sound-bite.

Anonymous said...

I think Paul is going to win and big. There's never been anything like this that I've ever heard of. Supporters raising 4 million bucks in a day and putting a blimp in the air, etc., without the candidate even funding or organizing it?

David said...

Glad you are giving Dr. Paul a closer look. Those who give him a chance are often very compelled by what he has to say. I see it as a revival of the American spirit.

Ron Paul is the best man running in my opinion, by far. I have never seen such an honest straight shooter, his record reflects his integrity and he truly stands by his words. A man of strong principle like Ron Paul is exactly what we need. I am grateful every day to have such a wonderful person running for president.

As somebody else mentioned, December 16th is coming.. We are of course referring to the Tea Party ( I'll be contributing over a thousand bucks. Live free or die!

unloud said...

If anything, after the primaries he is MORE electable than any of the other candidates against Hillary. He is a complete polar opposite of her on the war, on government, on staying out of social issues (Hillary has always been big on censorship, especially in video games), and he talks straight about what he knows and what he doesn't.

Whatever you choose, I hope you pick the best one for our country. The stakes are way too high now for us to be picking the person we think will win; that is how our country got into this mess in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Ron Paul is the only REAL politician in the race, the rest are just figureheads for the team of 'advisors' behind them.

Cheers, nice post.

Keep reading more about him to see how both camps fear what he says.

Andrew said...

"I saw him as a latter-day Ross Perot; a spoiler who would pull enough Republican votes to hand the White House to Hillary. And I am SOLIDLY against anything or anyone who could hand her the Presidency."

How so? He's a lifelong Republican and 10-term Republican congressman running in the Republican primaries for his party's presidential nomination. He's emphatically said that he has no plans to run as an independent or third party, having done so once while otherwise taking a break from politics (in '88 against the liberal RINO Bush).

"This was just another Libertarian in Republican clothes"

They'd say that about Barry Goldwater (extremism in the defense of liberty no vice? moderation in the pursuit of justice no virtue?) and Ronald Reagan (let's negotiate with the "evil empire" and pull out of Lebanon when we realize just how irrational the Middle East is) if they were running today. :)

"If he can get enough airtime and enough debate time, (I can't believe I'm going to say this) he MAY BE ELECTABLE, even against Hillary!"

Hell, I think he'd be the strongest GOP candidate. What could Hillary say against him? Paul voted against the war, unlike her, and would bring the troops home within his first term, also unlike her. Paul voted against the "Patriot" Act and has a far better voting record on civil liberties than her. Right there she loses a big chunk of her base, much of which isn't enthusiastic about her already. What else can she bring up? Health care? He's a DOCTOR!

He talks about how inflation and debt hurt working class Americans, but he comes at it from the same fiscally conservative position he's always held. He opposes the welfare state, but wants to transition away starting with allowing young people to opt out of the system while keeping it in place for those who've paid for it and are dependent on it.

He's against illegal immigration and trade organizations that erode our sovereignty, but he's not a xenophobe or an economic populist. He's honest, consistent, and very kind and likable, and even his political opponents commend him for that and his great integrity, all of which will bring in new voters and disgruntled voters.

He wouldn't lose the fiscal conservatives Huckabee would lose, the cultural conservatives Giuliani would lose, the moderates and independents either would lose, and his grassroots would guarantee passionate turnout. Even on the war issue, which is his biggest stumbling block with many conservatives who otherwise like him, he has credibility because of his strong support from the military and his history as a traditional Old Right advocate of strong national defense and border security, just not the very nation-building even this Bush ran against in 2000.

So yes, I not only think he's electable against Hillary, I think he's downright the BEST choice to face her OR Obama, save the GOP from otherwise certain defeat, and rebuild the party for a new generation. :)

daved said...

mickyq said:
"This candidate has been able to convert someone who has been least bothered about US politics until recently into an aggressive follower of US Politics. "

I am in the same sort of position. I really hate politics for the complete farce they've become and how politicians use their power for personal gain. I hate how the government has become so complicated and twisted. It sickens me.

However, I consider it a privilege to vote, so I decided to research the candidates so I could at least make somewhat of an informed vote. After reading about them and dismissing them all, I couldn't help but pay attention to Ron Paul. I've become addicted to his ideas and his point of view, and I believe it is what this country needs.

Anonymous said...

"I carry a gun when I go out."

Wow... just wow. I'm not from the US so I don't understand the 2nd amendment at all. The fact that you carry a gun sounds so incredibly insane to me, you have no idea! I think you might be psychotic and you need help. Get your head checked, you don't need a gun and you don't need a 2nd amendment.

In my country crime levels are lower and we're doing very well economically, we're not in war, have a democratic system (multiple parties, even one for animals) and always get lots of medals in the Winter Olympics. WE DO NOT CARRY GUNS WHEN WE GO OUT!

There are so many important and beatifull things in life and you focus on the ultimate personal death bringer? Good luck with your life, all I can hope is that you will NEVER EVER use that gun.

theblackdane said...

Welcome to the Ron Paul R3VOLution!

Anonymous said...

If you don't agree with the majority of Republicans and would rather not vote Hillary, Obama, and Gravel, why not vote Kucinich?
I don't understand why you would come to the conclusion of supporting Ron Paul, especially since he's not opposed to religion in public office. It doesn't make sense.

thehittgirl said...

Hello and I'd like to welcome you to the revolution. Ron Paul is the only one qualified to run this country, the way it was and IS supposed to be! -K

themac888 said...

Ron Paul 2008 for Freedom!

Christopher S. Lawton said...


1st Best Ron Paul Video
I am delighted, proud and honored to post this...

2nd Best Ron Paul Video

"To calm fears, Americans accepted the patriot act and the doctrine of pre-emptive war. We tolerated new laws that allow the government to snoop on us, listen to our phone calls, track our financial dealings, make us strip down at airports and even limited the rights of habeas corpus and trial by jury. Like some dysfunctional episode of the twilight zone, we allowed the summit of our imagination to be linked up with the pit of our fears." Ron Paul 7/30/07

"None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
-- Goethe

Anonymous said...

The best way to come to know Ron Paul better is to watch his speeches and interviews on Youtube.

Synthesist said...

I haven't voted since 1980, and then only because I had turned 18 and wanted to exercise my newly acquired right. Since then, I have abstained due to a system represented solely by the puppets of power, greed, and corruption. With freedom and faith in this country becoming increasingly dismal and hopeless with each passing administration. 'Til now! Ron Paul has re-inspired not only my hope for this country - but for all mankind. I have finally re-registered to vote, after all these years. Because I fully believe Ron Paul is our very last hope of restoring our freedoms and saving the American Dream, before all is irrevocably lost to complete tyranny! The election isn't a favorites contest this year - it has come down to choosing either the life or death of our country - people need to wake up and realize this grave urgency!

serz said...

I'm an Obama supporter. The problems affecting people in this world (looming energy crisis, global warming and environmental degradation, terrorism, disease) increasingly affect not just individuals states but the globe as a whole, and require a cross-national approach. Retreating into our shell will guarantee the decline fall of America as a superpower, and unfortunately America may well take the rest of the world down with it. If you think we can shut our doors to the rest of the world, you are kidding yourself. There have always been isolationists in America. Had they prevailed WWII would have ended very differently. While I can admire someone standing for something other than getting elected, Paul is half baked.

Kent said...

I highly suggest these other interviews. One is a 2 parter and is actually done by G4 TV. Yes, the video game channel. They actually gave him time to answer the questions.
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

And I really love this interview from 1988.

Anonymous said...

Paul appeals to a lot more democrats than other Republican candidates.

Hillary wants to get out of Iraq by 2013. Paul would get out of Iraq much sooner.

Hillary wants to cut tax breaks to the rich. Paul wants to get rid of Federal income tax.

Hillary wants to socialize medicine. Paul can articulate how you're better off if the Federal government is not in charge of every American's health care.

illumigotti said...

This is very encouraging to see that yet another freethinker has busted through the media-induced prejudice and recognized Ron Paul as what he is: a legitimate candidate with sensible postions.

I predict a full Ron Paul conversion by Christmas!

Sorradic said...

I came across this article from a digg post and after reading your article I feel delighted with your decision to consider your support for Ron Paul.
I am a left leaning libertarian..I dont know if there is such thing but the Second amendment is untouchable.Not up for discussion. His quote of "more people are afraid of the IRS than of getting mugged.There is a reason for that" Definitely speaking my language there.
I had never put into words the feeling of trust he dissipates so your comment "he's the first politician I've seen since Ronald Reagan who seemed very comfortable with himself." is right on! My sentiment exactly!
It's not common that a candidate bridges such a gap as ours. Me, a left leaning libertarian but I have a feeling you'd consider me a reason to use a gas mask.Can I please say, respectfully of course, that I will vote for the unnameable precisely BECAUSE I know Ron Paul won't win? I was particularly encouraged when he said they had more money than they could spend. I hope donations keep coming in,I hope for a miracle, but short of that, I have no choice but doing what appears to be a cardinal sin. In the end I want communities to have the power of choice,to be a part of what happens in your town: from what gets built,to local taxes, to school systems. I want the ability to rely on the government solely for roads and defense. SOLELY. That means you( the govmnt) can't tell me who I can and can't hire, you can't take my hard earned cash in taxes I have no control over, you can't tell me to "wait for the police to arrive" and do nothing (straying a little bit from the subject, does anyone else believe that after a shooting tradegy, we wouldn't be better of with an armed citizenry? seriously,I feel safer knowing that people like you walk around.Better have them and not need them,than need them and not have them.Like insurance!)anyway, with Ron Paul in charge, gov can't dictate what my kids will learn at school, or dictate my reproductive choices or sentence people to draconian jail sentences for victimless crimes.
I believe the only way we'll get there is to leave it up to communities themselves. However, with the current Republican landscape I see a continuation of communities becoming impoverished in every way:economically, morally,socially. With Hildog (I hope I can say that name w/o being deleted!), at least there is appeasement. Now, appeasement is exactly what lead Hitler in to power, lets never forget that appeasement is not a positive term! . Maybe appeasement can buy us time to cool down the escalating rhetoric of the white house, the assault on our constitution and the expansion of presidential powers.(However,w/Dr.Paul I'd like him to have such unrestrained power,we'd see results super super fast!) The world changed a lot in these 8 years and we have been caught unprepared to face it, thanks to this administration our power is declining. With only 2% of our military budget, we'd solve world hunger, now imagine having the budget for us-Americans, the residents of this country! Only if we are strong on the inside will be be strong on the outside! However with the current republican landscape I see more of the same and the same can't be good for us.

Robert Fischer said...

One thing to remember is that a larger Democratic majority in the House and the Senate is pretty much inevitable. Who do you want to deal with these Democrats -- Huckabee, Romney, or Giulliani, who have all wafted and waved as political bellweathers? Or someone who will meet their zeal for increased taxes and spending with a firm, battle-tested commitment to small government?

The whole "Ron Paul is cutesy" narrative is wildly false-to-fact. A few days ago, I posted some facts on my blog* which argued with that treatment. The next day, evidence surfaced which demonstrated just how actively the main stream media is ignoring him: Ron Paul beat McCain in Iowa, and Newsweek suppressed the story*.

*Ron Paul is a 1st Tier Candidate


liberteebell said...

If you're serious about research, check out for over 900 of Dr. Paul's speeches and writings. He's consistent, wise, principled and honest AND he's not owned by special interests.

I learned of Dr. Paul about 10 years ago and he became my hero. I wondered why no one else was like him. You can't even imagine how excited I am about this Freedom movement and what an obsession it's become!

By the way, I'm a 51 year old mom of 3 children and I'm working to save my beloved country so my children can be free!

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Much to my shock and amazement, This article receive 7334+ Page Views, over 800 "diggs" at, and over 232 comments at That sets an all-time record for either of my blogs. It was also "buried" at meaning more people who read it gave Ron Paul (and me) a thumbs down than the 800+ who gave it a thumbs up.

It just goes to show you what a polarizing figure Ron Paul has become and why I now find him "interesting".

I'll keep looking into him and you will see more posts about him, but rest assured, I am no "shill" for Ron Paul, as some on DIGG asserted.
I think my article makes that clear to all but the most thick-headed as well as the fact I have been dismissive of Ron Paul in the past. I even wrote a post "Now is NOT the time for Ron Paul" which got me criticism from the pro-Ron Paul people....but NOTHING like what I got with this post.

And in reading all the comments and comments to other pro-Ron Paul posts, I discovered something else. Basically two groups of people are commenting: those who support Ron Paul and those that are AFRAID of Ron Paul. Another plus for the Ron Paul camp: fear is a dangerous motivator.

And thank you Ron Paul supporters for your kindness and suggestions on where to look for research. I was tempted to delete one comment that used the f-word a couple of times, but I believe in free speech, even when it makes a point in a vulgar way.

You'll see more posts from me on Dr. Paul in the future. I'm not going to agree with everything he says, but he's doing a good job of winning me over!

Sincerely, Mr. Unloadingzone.

Anonymous said...

instead of ron paul, research Kucinich instead. Ron Paul is a sensationalist racist bigot. Government should work for us, we shouldnt work for them. i dont want a president who will do LESS than what Bush is doing. FUCk Ron Paul and his wall.

redpillguy said...

You fall into the trap that party lines matter. Please read the following:

The corporate contributors of the media anointed "top tier" are all the same:

The 2 parties are TWO FACES OF THE SAME EVIL:

Ron Paul is the only anti-establishment candidate with a chance of breaking the stranglehold that the power elite have on the collective balls of the middle class, the poor, and the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

You say "It was also "buried" at meaning more people who read it gave Ron Paul (and me) a thumbs down than the 800+ who gave it a thumbs up."

That's not true; buries count far more than diggs. I think the ratio is somewhere around 10:1, so if 800+ gave it a thumbs up and 80+ people gave it a thumbs down, it's buried. I really doubt anywhere near as many people buried it as dugg it.

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