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Sunday, June 29, 2008

FINALLY: A Reason to Vote for President in November!

McCain or Obama: two second rate want-to-be's for President whose biggest challenge will be giving the American public a reason to get out of bed and go vote in November.....until now.

I will be voting for John McCain for President, regardless of whatever stupid things he says or does between now and the election for one reason and one reason only: The Supreme Court.

It is likely at least one Supreme Court Justice will be stepping down during the next administration. As the 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court on the challenge to Washington DC's anti-Second Amendment laws shows, the Court is fairly balanced with a slight lean to the right.

Since the Justices most likely to resign are liberal, a President Obama would nominate liberals to replace them so at worst case, we maintain the status quo....unless he nominates HILLARY!! But even if he did, I'm not so sure she would be confirmed. Still, not worth the risk.

If McCain is elected, it's a whole different ballgame.

While I doubt a President McCain would actually stand up, nominate, and fight for hard-right conservatives, he certainly would nominate conservatives of some ilk. And that will be very significant going forward.

Perhaps we can get everything the incredibly liberal 5th Circuit overturns reinstated. Maybe we could get the 1977 Supreme Court Decision rendering unconstitutional a (in this case) Texas law that illegal alien children would not be educated at public expense overturned!

That would certainly go a long way in lowering Texans ridiculously high school taxes. Dare I hope for more? That Oklahoma and others laws highly penalizing employers for hiring illegal aliens will be swiftly heard and upheld?

Or, I'm almost afraid to put this in writing, but could a law be passed banning "birthright" citizenship and upheld by the Court? No more border babies. A child born in the United States would be a citizen of the country that both their parents are; not automatic US citizens as is the case today.

FINALLY, I have a reason to support one of the candidates! John McCain for President! John McCain for President!

This post sponsored by Mr. Unloadingzone: Blogger for McCain.

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Anonymous said...

Wowzers! Every reason you give for voting for McCain is the reason I am voting for Obama.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Isn't it sad with all the talented, REAL leaders on both sides of the isle, that I'm supporting McCain and you're supporting Obama....not because we think either is the best choice, but because of the Supreme Court.

Doesn't say much for the American people, the Democrat or Republican parties, or the current state of our Republic.


Hi Mr. U:

I read your piece on McCain and I found it interesting. I saw that you mentioned that you would vote for John McCain no matter how bad he gets towards election time only for the reason for his appointments to the Supreme Court.

I think many conservatives feel that way. The problem I have with J McCain is can he be believed? He flip-flopped on the amnesty issue twice! He went after freedom of speech like in the McCain-Feingold bill that G.W. signed into law, which would silence bloggers like us at election time among many things.

Sean Hannity on his radio show last week had a two-time Bush voter that will vote for Barack Obama. The only excuse Hannity could come up with is the Bush tax break issue that John McCain endorses compared to Obama to help put John McCain in office. The caller said to him it was more important to vote for change than supporting a candidate who only has two valid points on his score sheet.

Just on these two issues alone, Supreme Court and Bush tax cuts isn’t enough for John McCain to make it in this presidency.

The caller was right just as I am being right the voters would vote with their pocketbooks in mind in this election. Barack Obama is a very attractive alternative to Bush/McCain who have similar policies on domestic and international affairs.

You’re a real good friend Mr. U and you know as well as I do that John McCain supports, NAFTA, globalization and “open free trade” that’s killing American jobs in America.

I had an old lady from North Carolina who stayed at the motel where I work part time tell me that for the past fifteen years textile plants have shut down. Two-thirds of North Carolina textile factories are gone, jobs gone to China and Mexico.

People will look at the candidate that will protect their jobs i.e. their pocket books rather than Supreme Court choices and keeping alive the $2,600 Bush tax cuts that Sean Hannity keeps clamoring about is getting old.

Believe me U, I was hoping to wake up from my nightmare one day and praying to see that John McCain would take the populist view in protecting American jobs but oh no! He’s in Canada, Colombia and Mexico making more hurtful NAFTA, and free trade deals!

Best wishes,

Marc Chamot

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Hi Marc!

Only 3 points:

1. Obama is not exactly flip-flop free either. We're not really going to know what we get with him until he's President. A little scary.

2. I am neither a fan of McCain or Obama. I'm embarrassed for this country that they are the best the Republican and Democrat parties could come up with.

3. HILLARY in ANY position of power, especially a LIFE-TIME APPOINTMENT to the Supreme Court scares me to death! Today an Associate Justice; ten years from now she could be CHIEF JUSTICE! She will be in a position, either way, to undo ANY good ANY future President or Congress tries to enact. I just can't risk Obama putting her on the Court.

So it's:

JOHN McCAIN for President! He's no prize but he DEFINITLY Won't Nominate Hillary Clinton for the Supreme Court!

Paid for by Bloggers for McCain because he won't nominate Hillary for the Supreme Court and Obama might 2008

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