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Monday, June 23, 2008

Poll: Obama opens up 15 point lead over John McCain

The latest Newsweek Nationwide Poll shows Democrat Barack Obama with a 15-point lead over Republican John McCain. Of course, that depends on how you read the poll. It's obvious the mainstream press is moving on from picking the Primary winners to picking the next President....and they want Obama.And so, as America continues it's slide into oblivion, we'll have our first black President. Does anyone really care about that stuff anymore?Now if he picks HILLARY as VP, as I predicted in my last article, THEN the world is over. But Obama over McCain: they're BOTH on the wrong track and will be BOTH separately but equally BAD for America.The only thing that matters anymore is keeping Hillary OUT of the VP Chair and OFF the Supreme Court. You could dump Herbert Hoover's remains on the chair in the Oval Office and he'll do no better or worse a job than either Obama or McCain.I wish I were in America again.

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