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Monday, September 1, 2008 Swedish Snus Enthusiast Group Announcement

I'm posting this because has been invaluable to me professionally.

As to the Swedish Snus Enthusiast Group, they give me the opportunity to introduce Henry Waxman's recent Bill H.R. 1108.

It was overwhelming supported by both parties in the House but the fall break stopped it from making it the Senate. The bill will put tobacco under FDA control among other things.The Bill will be reintroduced next year, pass both houses of Congress, and either McCain or Obama will sign it.

It has huge ramifications not only for the 46 million American cigarette smokers, but for users of "reduced-harm-tobacco" products like Swedish or Swedish-Style snus, and other forms of tobacco.

This will be a very large issue and point of contention during 2009 and I'm just laying the groundwork. Remember you heard it here first!

For those of you unaware, is the ultimate and largest networking site for professionals in practically every field. Membership is tiered, but starting with FREE. LinkedIn is not for everyone: it's a business networking site.

It's invaluable to anyone in any industry wanting to increase their business network, reconnect with old colleagues or classmates, post jobs, find employment and/or contacts at a particular company or organization, ask questions of industry a lot more.

The Swedish Snus Enthusiast Group on LinkedIn is a member-created group open to all LinkedIn members, not just those in the tobacco industry. It too is Free to join.

The article linked to this explains and the Swedish Snus Enthusiasts Group in more detail. You can also visit to look around or join.As I said, it's no's for business and professional networking. So it may not be for you. But if you are an appropriate candidate to join, I can say from personal experience that is the a phenomenal and incredibly useful networking site to be a member of.

Click read more below for the complete article.

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