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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wall Street Bail-Out Email Leaked!

I received this from a good "friend" of mine. It was not supposed to be released yet! Don't check your spam folders....yet.

This is what happens when the best and brightest shun pubic office for the private sector because the election process has become such an invasive circus, leaving only the Super-Egotists with mediocre ability run our country.

Make Warren Buffet Secretary of the Treasury! Except he wouldn't waste his time going through the invasive and public scrutiny and media show of a confirmation hearing.

And that's why China holds over $1.2 Trillion in Treasury issued debt, Japan holds almost half a trillion dollars in Treasury issued debt, and the American economy is tanking.We are only staying afloat because if the United States goes Chapter 7 and defaults on it's debt, the entire world economy will crumble.

Meanwhile, with the dollar so weak against the Euro, real estate, corporations, and former American Institutions like Lehman Brothers are being bought up by Europe at bargain prices.

The American Citizen and Taxpayer? Losing their homes, their jobs, their lives.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I see a shining city on a hill....but it's not in America anymore.

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