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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin: A brilliant move by John McCain?

Governor Sarah Palin would not have been my first choice: only because I never heard of her before now. But that doesn't make her a bad choice at all.

In fact, if McCain wins, it will go down in history as one of the shrewdest and brilliant political plays of all time.

And if the mainstream media can be used as a barometer, she was a great choice.

Almost everything printed or broadcast from the mainstream media goes out of it's way to paint anything and everything about her in a negative light. If she ran in front of a car to push a child to safety and the car hit her, the headline would be "Palin Damages Car".

With Joe Biden, on the other hand, the press seems to be suffering from a collective memory loss spanning his entire political career. Biden has made so many politic gaffs, had so many errors in judgement, that it would take a week to Google them all.
But the press only has nice things to say; or those with any shred of ethics left simply don't mention him much.

So McCain's choice of the Governor of Alaska may be sheer genius. Say what you will about McCain, you Obama and left wingers, but he's politically savvy. He didn't throw a dart blindly at a map: he knows her lack of elected experience is going to dampen that line of attack on Obama. Other than his flip-flopping and "it depends how you define 'is'" statements of late, lack of experience was and is one of Obama's weak points. I know that, you know that, and you can bet John McCain sure does.

Yet he gives up valuable ammunition and chooses Sarah Palin as a running mate. There's a real good reason. Pieces of it are out there, but McCain deliberately chose her for a reason.

I'm actually starting to get interested in this election again....and maybe that was McCain's whole point: to wake up the voters already bored by this seemingly never-ending campaign. I don't know....not yet. But Marc Chamot, one of my favorite commentators, thinks he does.

Marc explains we he opts for "Brilliant" in his article. Click "read more" ..

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