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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Joe Biden, You're no Patriot....and worse.

Two Events occurred this week concerning Senators Biden and Obama that just floored me.

They both deserve articles of their own, but there is a tie-in between the two so follow this article through to the end: one is more ideologic but crucial; one is happening real-time as I write this and will destroy tens of thousands, if not millions, of Americans being crushed by this economy NOW......thanks to Senators Obama and Biden.

Lets start with the ideological first. While watching the recent Vice Presidential Debate, Joe Biden made a statement reflecting the Obama/Biden view of America that Absolutely Stunned me!

Biden proudly said that the Obama plan of raising taxes on those earning $250K a year or more was PATRIOTIC!

Thanks to the recession turning into depression America is in, I don't make anywhere near $250,000 so this position has no personal effect on me.

But the sheer audacity and demonstrated COMPLETE lack of understanding by both Obama and Biden on why this country was founded dumbfounded me. Especially since Biden is old enough to have been taught real American history in grammar and high school.

The United States of America did NOT revolt against Great Britain and declare Independence in 1776 because of religious freedom or freedom of speech. Those were founding principles but not the reason for the REVOLT itself.

The revolt against Great Britain, the final straw being the tea tax, occurred because of three words: "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION".

Mr. Biden and many wealthy liberals in this country feel guilty and embarrassed by their wealth. Mr Biden is so far removed from his humble beginnings in Scranton that his and Senator Obama's idea of Patriotism is to FORCEABLY take money from the "rich" through taxation. Is that what America is founded on?

NO! It's founded on self sufficiency, CHARITY, and helping your neighbor when they are in need. You as an individual, not as a "want-to-be Administration" that MANDATES it.

That's not Patriotism, Mr Biden, that's socialism, class-warfare, vote pandering, with some fascism thrown in for good measure.

Do you want an example of Super-Rich REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS, gentlemen? You have only to look at Bill and Melinda Gates.

Bill Gates was once the richest man in the world and is still worth tens of billions of dollars. But UNLIKE YOU, he opened his PERSONAL checkbook and together with his wife, started a foundation and poured BILLIONS of dollars of their own money into it.

And they go further: they MANAGE the foundation to make sure the billions they put into it do the most good for the most people. That it's not wasted on unnecessary bureaucracy and special interests like out tax money is. They put their money and the efforts where YOUR mouth is.

The Gates' are living examples in the 21st century of wealthy; especially those that earned it themselves, PRACTICING what America was FOUNDED on. They are not alone. But considering Mr. Gates enormous wealth and what he is doing, they are the most visible example.

Senator Biden, despite your desperate attempts to connect with the not-wealthy American public during the debate by constantly bringing up your childhood middle-class roots; I do applaud you for at least coming flat out and saying that you are wealthy today. Not HOW did downplay that a bit, but you admitted that you were well off. That took courage for a politician.

Almost all your colleagues in the Senate are millionaires, a good portion many times over. But it's not something to be "talked" about. Again, I applaud you for at least not hiding completely behind the Home Depot and Scranton.

But I'll tell you and Mr. Obama what I have told other rich individuals who feel guilty over it. Be like the Gates' and many others like them: open up your own checkbook.

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING stopping you or Mr. Obama from writing a 6 figure check out of you PERSONAL accounts payable to the United States Treasury Department. NOTHING.

If you TRULY believe that it is patriotic to give back more money than required to the United States Government if you have the means, then live up to your convictions and DO SO. I would admire you greatly for living up to your convictions.

But requiring OTHER people in your financial circumstances to live by YOUR version of Patriotism, NOT the Founding Fathers of this Country, shows a LACK of conviction, a LACK of personal responsibility and morals, and quite frankly, a lack of understand about what America was meant to be.

What you and Senator Obama are saying is that if EVERYONE who makes more than $250K/year doesn't give some more back in taxes, then YOU''RE not going to either! Or worse, why should the two of you stand up for your principals for principals sake alone.

After all, US GOVERNMENT statistics show that over 90% (I believe it is 95%) of all ALL income taxes paid in this county are paid by those making over $250K a year already.

It's not lack of Government TAX MONEY (don't even think of using the word "revenue"): the US and STATE Governments are NOT (supposed to be) FOR-PROFIT institutions. Not in AMERICA.

The problem is the US Government is TOO big, has gone FAR beyonds it's original mandates and intents and is SO POORLY MANAGED that it makes ENRON look good.

And the bigger the government gets, the more money it needs, to provide services and take power where they were NEVER intended to.....and then they WASTE the money, LOSE the money, CAN'T ACCOUNT for the money, OVERSPEND the money, EARMARK the money and have to issue TOO MUCH DEBT to cover their blunders.

The FIRST time China doesn't show up at one of our bond auctions, the American Economy will collapse within days. Thanks to your and Senator Obama's idea of America.

You are pandering for votes, not suggesting a solution. And in that regard, BOTH you AND Senator Obama are hypocrites as well.

But Here's the REAL Frosting on the Cake:

You both claim to care about "working class Americans". Well, 6.1% of us are UNEMPLOYED right now! $700BB to Wall Street. Necessary, yes. Why? Because the GOVERNMENT interfered where it shouldn't have, in this case, starting with the Clinton administration, and now we have no choice. But here's some news for you, in case you missed it.

While you were hanging out at Home Depot in Scranton, the US House of Representatives offered and voted on a Bill to extend Unemployment Benefits for REAL Americans being destroyed by this economy. The Bill passed 368 to 28!

REAL, STRUGGLING, VOTING Americans NEED those Unemployment Benefits because the Job Market is TERRIBLE, companies are closing and having mass-layoffs and people can't find REAL jobs.

But the bills chances of passing this year, to quote the Associated Press, "are slim." Why?

Because the US SENATE which both YOU and MR. OBAMA are sitting members of REFUSE TO BRING IT TO THE FLOOR FOR A VOTE! Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't DEMOCRATS control the Senate TOO?

McCain suspended his campaign because the bail-out was necessary and, while a candidate, he is a tenured Senator...just like you. Mr. Obama, not so tenured.

WHY aren't you and Mr. Obama IN WASHINGTON fighting to get this bill onto the Senate floor and passed so President Bush can sign it??????

The BOTH of you are Democrats AND your party's candidates for President and Vice President. You BOTH carry a lot of weight right now. You should be fighting tooth and nail, for the sake of Scranton if nothing else, to GET THIS BILL THROUGH THE SENATE!

WHY aren't you? You claim to care about Americans in need. Instead all you talk about is GREED.

I really hope Mr. Obama is asked to explain this pitiful lack of inaction on both his and your part during the next Presidential Debate.

We have the highest unemployment in years, and if you listened to those people at Home Depot instead of just kissing their babies, you'd know that regardless of what the Fed says, we are not only IN A RECESSION, but we are moving quickly towards a DEPRESSION.

Forget election rhetoric: as CURRENT US SENATORS, where are you on this? Why aren't you doing what your State's elected you to do? How do BOTH of you respond to the unemployed in your home states who elected you their Senators?

Taxation without Representation. Real Americans without Representation from either of you. You and Senator Obama should be ashamed of yourselves.

A Very Disappointed,

Mr. Unloadingzone
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