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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Will Hillary Repeal the Clinton Gas Tax?

Bill Clinton raised the gas tax and no one in the press seems to remember it. Most reporters have no idea (or choose to ignore) that in his first year in office President Clinton raised the gas tax. He did it in a package of tax increases that amounted to the biggest tax increase in history, after a presidential campaign whose centerpiece was a middle class tax cut.

But it's 2008 and all this is irrelevant to the actual problem. The story below, "Will Hillary Repeal the Clinton Gas Tax"? is a good one.

But in fact, repealing the Gas Tax, be it by Hillary (God forbid), Obama, or McCain is not the solution. Prices will drop for a day or two; then the oil companies, distributors, and gasoline retails, will raise their retail price and bring us right back where we were before.

The answer is to lessen our dependence on foreign oil and both sides in this debate will have to compromise.

The environmentalists need to understand we must drill and refine more domestic oil. We don't have the luxury of worrying about polar bears or caribou out it some desolate wasteland.

At the same time, every viable option to oil including wind power, nuclear power, and solar power must be pursued with a vengeance.

And on both sides, the Federal Government, the ACLU, and the Activist Judges need to get out of the way and let this happen.

Retail gas prices will hit $4/gallon by this summer. We are in recession, the dollar is becoming worthless, and our bonds harder to sell. The deficit is huge and growing and all the Presidential candidates and our Congress just wants to spend more. This has to stop.

We are heading for a DEPRESSION, not unlike 1929. It's time to realize that, but ideology aside, and ACT NOW! It's almost too late.

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