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Saturday, May 10, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Maher Maso Endorsed by Frisco Mayor Mike Simpson, wife Sandy, and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Joyner!

Frisco, TX: In an early morning election day email, outgoing Frisco Mayor Mike Simpson, wife Sandy, and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Joyner emailed a strong endorsement of Maher Maso for Mayor in today's election.

Maso's many, many endorsements include both newspapers of record.

This is a big blow to of Maso's opponent, Matt Lafata. Lafata has landed few endorsements and has spent the last two weeks fighting Frisco City Campaign Ethics Charges.

And now yesterday, State Campaign Ethics Charges were filed against Lafata as well.

While these endorsements are a huge coup for the Maso Campaign, Lafata, a Marketing Director along with his new 2nd wife Erika, former beauty pageant organizer and radio personality, have been packaging and repackaging Lafata professionally.

While Maso is clearly the candidate of integrity, ethics, knowledge and has a hugely impressive record of past performance on the City Council and as Mayor Pro Tem, Frisco has experienced explosive growth since the last election and both candidates are largely unknown to many of the 40,000 new residents.

Will Maher Maso's clearly superior abilities carry the day or will the slick packaging of the scandal-plagued Lafata win out? Substance over Style...that's what the Frisco Election of May 10th, 2008 is all about.

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