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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Matt Lafata Declares Himself Mayor of Frisco! A Coup or a drunken Stategy Session gone Wrong?

The election of the new Mayor of Frisco, TX WAS supposed to take place on May 10th, 2008. And only history will tell us when Mayoral Candidate Matt Lafata decided to make a radical and legendary shift in his campaign strategy.

Why spend the time and money on an election, especially one on a Saturday! Saturday is for being pool-side with a healthy ration of beer!

So, on or before May 3rd, in the dark of night while an unknowing Frisco innocently slept, the front page of a Lafata Official Campaign Web Site was changed! It now boldly proclaimed that


Lafata was throwing away the rule book (if he ever had one) and taking over Frisco!

This was this a clear violation of Texas Election Law and the very sovereignty of Frisco itself!

But rules, laws and ethics have never stopped Mayoral Candidate Matt Lafata before. You can almost hear him laughing (or puking up too much beer) But it does make you wonder just how Lafata controls his Campaign Committee....and himself.

Confusion reigned (or would have if anyone had really noticed). Was this a coup attempt? Who was in control at City Hall?

And what was the fate of the REAL Mayor of Frisco, Mike Simpson? Was he safe, hiding out with the Frisco Resistance or was he imprisoned? Was he still alive? Was he playing golf?

And what of Lafata's opponent in the Mayor's race, Maher Maso? Imprisoned or hidden in a secret room at the Plantation Resort Golf Clubhouse, coordinating the Frisco Resistance? Or worse.....

Fortunately, panic in the streets was averted as, by the time anyone realized that they were living under the iron fist of MAYOR LAFATA, he removed his new title from his web site, apparently being educated, after serving SIX YEARS on the Frisco City Council, that it was against Texas Election Laws under Title 15 to claim you hold an elected office that you actually don't hold.

So the Coup that No One Knew; as this will go down in Frisco history, was over.

The election was back on for May 10th. Matt Lafata is back to being a term-limited City Council Member and candidate for Mayor.

He will have to deal with a Sworn Complaint which was Fedexed to the Texas State Ethics Commission today. But Mr. Lafata is no stranger in dealing with ethics complaints. Just another bump in the road.

Maybe if he paid more attention during Council Meetings: fellow Councilman Jim Joyner, who sits next to Lafata at City Council Meetings, publicly confirmed for attribution in front of a small crowd at the last Candidate's Forum that the years-old "open secret" was true:

Council Member Matt Lafata spends the bulk of practically every City Council Meeting banging away on his personal laptop (the City built a nice computer right into his desk), quoting Joyner, "working on his Blog, his News Letters, and, God knows what else!"

Maybe that's why, despite his self-proclaimed multi-tasking abilities, Matt Lafata seems so uninformed on government in general, especially for a SIX YEAR City Council Veteran.

Maybe that's why he thought that he could just announce himself to be MAYOR OF FRISCO and it would be OK.

So life in Frisco goes on, with virtually no one even knowing they were living under the Lafata Regime during the infamous Coup that No One Knew.

The REAL election is this Saturday, and I have been able to communicate with Lafata's opponent in the Mayor's race, Maher Maso, and he is safe and well.

But I still haven't heard from current Frisco Mayor Simpson yet. If anyone knows he's OK, drop me an email. I'll sleep better.

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Anonymous said...

I personally have never met Matt Lafata but I have experience in dealing with Mr. Lafata as a resident of Plantation Resort in Frisco. He received numerous violation letters and fines for failing to keep his own home and yard in decent condition and continuous noncompliance of the association rules. How in the world can he improve Frisco when he couldn't even keep his own house up. I spy a snake in the grass on this one.

Anonymous said...

I have not met Matt Lafata personally but have had some experience in dealing with him in regards to his home located in the Plantation Resort community. Mr. Lafata accrued several hundred dollars in fines for noncompliance with the HOA regarding the maintenance of his home. How in the world can he claim to "improve" Frisco when he refused to respond to the numerous letters that were sent to him regarding the upkeep of his yard and fence. His wife never bothered to respond either. I spy a snake in the grass or as my Cherokee grandmother used to say - "white man who speaks with forked tongue."

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