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Monday, November 5, 2007

Why Stop with Driver's Licenses for Illegals, Hillary?

Hillary Clinton, after stumbling through the last Democratic Debate, has put her foot in it again. To quote Hillary, "I broadly support what Governors like Elliot Spitzer are trying to do" regarding giving Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens.

What about auto insurance Hillary? Most illegals can't afford it, especially in your "home" state of New York. Should the state give them insurance too or do you "broadly support" allowing illegals to drive without insurance? You could just raise taxes on American Citizens to pay for it or allow the insurance companies to double their rates.

Why stop with Drivers Licenses, Hillary? Why not "broadly support" giving them passports too? And how about voter registration cards?

And this is supposed to be the smartest woman in America?????

What does "broadly support" mean, anyway? Does that mean that all illegal aliens should get drivers licenses or that she only supports the "concept" of illegals getting drivers licenses? What would "narrowly support" mean? Doesn't it all boil down to the same thing: Hillary Clinton Supports Giving Drivers Licenses to Illegal Aliens?

Why doesn't Hillary "broadly support" giving illegal aliens one-way plane fare back to their own countries? Why, in her 8 years in the Senate, has she never given more than lip service to fighting illegal immigration?

What Hillary Clinton is demonstrating is that she is an ivory-tower policy wonk totally out of touch with the American people. That doesn't bother HER, because, if elected President, it's what HILLARY WANTS, not what the American people want or even what's best for America.

She has a plan for this country and she's going to implement it regardless of what anyone thinks....that's if she can keep her foot out of her mouth long enough. And if the American people are patient enough to tolerate all her flip-flops, policy changes, do what I say, not what I do, and "lets stop all this election nonsense and just make me President, already!" attitude.

Hillary is still dangerous, but of late she is demonstrating she is not quite as bright as she thought when it comes to being "the Candidate". She's realizing that it was easier to pull Bill Clinton's strings than it is to be out front and center. It's really hard when the camera's are rolling and you get hit with tough questions, isn't it Hillary?

Now if only the Republicans can come up with a credible candidate to beat her (Ron Paul need not apply) and/or Mr. Obama can get his act together (that Saturday Night Live stunt was a good first step), then we could finally relegate Hillary to the Ted Kennedy Club. There she could spend the rest of her working life in the Senate, enjoy all the privileges that come with it, and basically be a non-factor for the rest of her life in our lives. We should be so lucky.

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1 Comment:

rogerdoger said...

Why not give them all guns and Mastercards too, Hillary? Is there ANYTHING you won't do to help illegal aliens at the expense of REAL American citizens?

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