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Friday, November 16, 2007

Hillary, the Most Decisive, Indecisive Person on the Planet

Writing about Hillary can be so tiring. She is a caricature of a politician. She's famous for phrases like "I support the concept, but don't endorse it" I thought Bill Clinton was poll driven but Hillary takes the cake.

One the recent drivers licenses for illegal aliens in NY issue, she supported the "broad" concept of issuing these criminal invaders legitimate NY identification documents, but when the polls came back 70% opposed and NY Governor Spitzer's approval rating dropped to an all-time low, Hillary was suddenly "strongly opposed" to the issuing illegals drivers licenses.

With the exception of Universal Health care, which is a terrible idea that would bankrupt the nation and ruin our health care system, Hillary answers every single issue with an equivocal answer until the polls come in; then she takes a position.

She doesn't go as far as to say "It's because I'm a girl", but every time she is criticised by her opponents, it's never because of her stance on an issue: it's always "personal".

Last night in Los Vegas was no exception. As soon as Obama and Edwards began accusing her of flip-flopping and never taking a stand until the polls were in, Hillary struck back with charges of "personal attacks" and "talking out of the Republican playbook". Of course, when she accused Obama of not supporting Universal Health Care, leaving millions of children (she's big on dropping "children" into attacks), that wasn't personal at all.

This is a woman who says she's the only one qualified to "hit the ground running on day 1 of her Presidency". Really. She does know how to get to the Oval Office without any assistance. In fact, during Bill Clinton's Presidency, I often wondered when he was out of the country if she sneaked into the Oval Office, sat in his chair, and pretended she was President. I can see her conducting imaginary staff meetings and sit-downs with Heads of State.

Other than that, she was First Lady. She has no experience at being President and her so-called Senate experience has her flip-flopping or equivocating on so many issues, you only know two core beliefs she has: Universal Healthcare and that she should be President. That's it.

Hillary Clinton is a caricature of a politician. A joke. You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to support her. Fifty percent of the American public said they would never vote for her under any circumstances. She's an obvious fraud who will say anything to any group at any time in an effort to get their votes. All this is documented and public. And she scares the death out of me.

Because with all this being said, she is the Democrat front runner at this point. With all the baggage, negative publicity, and an obvious lack of any qualifications whatsoever, she was able to waltz into New York, a liberal but cynical state, calming proclaim that she was now a New Yorker, and win a New York Senate seat. Wow.

All the scandals which had touched her personally: the cattle futures windfall, the missing documents which suddenly appeared in the White House bedroom, the mystery of Vince Foster, her secret Health Care commission....even where and how the Clinton's got the $5 million for the house in New York. All that didn't matter. It was all fresh in every one's mind then and she still won the Senate seat. Wow.

So until I see her lifeless head stuck on a pole and paraded through the streets by torchlight, I am unconvinced the demon is dead. Until someone else....ANYONE else, is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, I won't count her out, won't underestimate her or overestimate the voting acumen of the American public. Hillary has secret powers at her disposal. The witch is not dead.

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Anonymous said...

She is scary. If I believed the Anti-Christ could be a woman it would be her. I'm not posting my name because Hillary will find me and curse me!

Anonymous said...

You made it clear you hate her. The only substantial reason you gave was that she flip-flopped on some issues. Every single candidate has done this. The personal scandal issues should be left out of the discussion. You claim Universal Healthcare will bankrupt the country. This is a real issue that would be a lot more interesting to discuss. Based on such discussions people can form more interesting opinions. I wish people stayed focused on the issues and went beyond the one line summaries and hate rants.

- Still Undecided

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