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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So Ron Paul got a mention on MSNBC. Yada, Yada, Yada

Ron Paul supporters are ecstatic that he actually got mentioned on MSNBC. I find the following quote ironic:

"Joe Trippi, a 25-year veteran of Iowa caucus politics who served as Howard Dean’s campaign manager in 2003 and who’s now a top aide to Edwards, said, “From what I see, Ron Paul is doing much better than his better-known opponents think he is doing. He is at that stage of the Dean campaign when all the other campaigns are laughing at him and have no idea of how strong he really is.”

We all remember how Howard Dean's run for the White House ended up. While I am confident that Dr. Paul is much more mentally stable than Howard Dean, I'm equally as confident that he will be, at best, a footnote to the 2008 Presidential Election, or at worst, the spoiler who siphons off enough conservative votes to put Hillary Clinton into the White House.

It's not the Dr. Paul's policy statements are necessarily wrong. They are just naive. He may say what a lot of people are thinking, but a lot of that is wishful thinking. I agree 100% with Dr. Paul on the income tax issue, for example. But in the real world of Washington, no Congress; Democrat or Republican, is going to support his plan. And since the President is not a dictator and Congress writes the laws, it's a no-starter. As for "the people" forcing their elected representatives to follow a Paul agenda, we can't even get Congress to enforce, let alone enhance, the existing laws on illegal immigration. And polls show a majority of the American public are anti-illegal immigration!

Most of Dr Paul's supporters are young, idealistic college students. And the truth is, as much as they rally and cheer, they just don't vote.

The rest of America has had it's idealism burned out of it by Bill Clinton and his scandals, Newt and his "revolution" that went no where, and the Republicans who demonstrated that, once in the majority, they are as corrupt morally, sexually, and as full of hot air as the Democrats ever were. We conservatives thought we had finally won in the 1990's and instead were left with dust in our mouths. And as weak a President as Bill Clinton was, George W. Bush has proven to be a loose cannon with policies impossible to justify; who, like the Captain of the Titanic, refuses to change course or even slow down.

The only thing that has mattered in Washington for the last 30 years was who had enough power to stack the courts with activist judges to their liking. These judges, especially the 5th Circuit, routinely make up there own laws and impose injunctions against laws passed by the will of the people. Again, illegal immigration is a prime example.

We, the over 40 crowd who do (or used to) vote are coming to grips with that and while Dr. Paul may be a pleasant fantasy for all of us, come election day, we're either going to stay home, vote against someone (like Hillary), or waste our vote on the "flavor of the day"; in this case, Dr. Paul so we can "feel better".

We're tired of trying to change an entrenched bureaucracy and political quid-pro-quo that has existed since.....probably the early 20th century. Something happens to idealists who go to Washington: they become politicians. Then it's all about the next election and the election after that. Career politicians. The desire overtakes all of them sooner or later.

Every 20 or 30 years, the people get riled up and make a lot of noise, but nothing changes except the people we elect: they become Politicians bent on becoming Career Politicians. And every so often, someone dangerous shows up. This time its Hillary Clinton. Stopping her is my only agenda, because in the end, Rudy or Fred or John or the whole list of Presidential want-to-be's will be no different than their predecessors.

The status quo marches on and America continues it's slide from greatness to 2nd-world status. We can bluster and yell and demand change, but the handwriting is already on the wall. China will be the premier Superpower of the 22nd century and America will be a balkanized, politically correct, low income parody of itself.

The dollar is sliding towards worthless against the Euro and even the Canadian dollar, oil will be over $100 a barrel any day now, and we're not drilling for more because it would upset the caribou in Alaska.

So kids, don't waste your time. Excel in school. Get your Masters and your PhD. Work to be in the future elite because the middle class is already collapsing and that just leaves being poor. Or do all the preceding and learn Mandarin Chinese so you can be an immigrant looking for a better life.

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Isaac said...

I am getting tired of hearing you 40+ people whine and cry, take your defeatist attitude some where else. Its people like you that we are in this situation, "oh I would vote Libratrian but I dont want to waste a vote". Oh by the way Mr.Paul has 10 terms in congress and a voting record to back up what he says.

dmjarrington said...

Ron Paul's supporters typically do not participate in the politics of pessimism.

valaw said...

unfortunately the older generation trusted their government and by the time they figured out what was happening it was an uphill battle trying to change it. young people, we do appreciate your taking the reins and leading, we will happily follow and try to keep up.

IsaacBirch said...

I am getting tired of hearing you 40+ people whine and cry, take your defeatist attitude some where else. Its people like you that we are in this situation, "oh I would vote Libratrian but I dont want to waste a vote". Oh by the way Mr.Paul has 10 terms in congress and a voting record to back up what he says.

Foslopac said...

A grumpy, old, has-been thinks people do not care about their country and can't make a difference.... especially if their young. Because we all know young people "don't vote". Very insightful, dumbass.

iAlex said...

Supporting Hillary Clinton is supporting corruption, treason, neoconservatism, socialism, political dynasties, EU and United Nations. EU and UN would love to see Hillary Clinton as president of the United States. So sick of these people cheering for Hillary Clinton. They are so fooled. IT IS so corrupt when an impeached president's wife and former first lady is on her way becoming president. Rupert Murdoch is supporting Hillary Clinton, but FOX News bashes Hillary Clinton sometimes, but not too much. The Mainstream Media is TREASONOUS because they push for Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. You know who to vote for (Ron Paul). And no, NOT Obama, he is still part of the establishment. Inform people about Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton (and the other establishment candidates), for the liars and corrupt people they are. USA and the World can not afford to get Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani elected. Tell those uninformed Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani and Obama supporters, that these candidates don't give a shit about you. It's only nice words. You should not support a candidate just based on "Health Care", "Free College" or similar, it's only to get elected. United States is going bankrupt and you would support a corrupt candidate just so you can get cheaper healthcare or college? COME ON. It's so much more at stake. Either you support the People or the Establishment. It's an easy choice. Care about the COUNTRY and the WORLD! They work for the Establishment, and against the people. These people are enemies of the people. They are YOUR enemies. They are enemies of the Free and Independent world. They are enemies of Justice. They are enemies of Liberty and Freedom. Don't let these people continue to rape you. Don't take it ANYMORE. VOTE FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!

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