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Friday, October 12, 2007

Hillary Endorsed by Former Mexican President Fox!

Former Mexican President Fox, travelling on his US book tour, stated that it's time for a woman to be elected President of the United States to help America "regain its compassionate side". Since Hillary Clinton is the only woman currently running for President, this is a de facto endorsement of Mrs. Clinton.

Why should anyone be surprised since Hillary supports "fair" immigration reform (this means legalize the Illegal Aliens already here and let more in).

Fox was full of suggestions, demands, advice and criticism of America during his many interviews. He poked fun at President Bush's "grade-school-level Spanish", conveniently forgetting that the overwhelming majority of Hispanic Illegal Aliens don't even speak English. It's America's responsibility to make store signs, forms, automated phone systems, and education bilingual to accommodate the Illegal Mexican invaders.

"The United States is denying it's immigrant soul" he laments and then holds up Irving, Texas, a town actually enforcing American Immigration Law, as an example. "What is happening in Irving, Texas, is disturbing, deeply troubling" he declared. "It shows that the anti-immigrant mood that I confronted in the U.S. Congress has now reached the public at large."

You've got it backwards, Mr. Fox: the anti-ILLEGAL immigrant mood of the majority of Americans has finally reached a point where even Congress has to acknowledge it. That doesn't mean Congress is DOING anything about it; they're happy to leave that responsibility (which is theirs) to State and Local governments for now. Meanwhile, State and Local governments are frustrated because when they do try to implement THE LAW, activist liberal Judges rule against them every time. Congress needs to step up to the immigration reform table by first making sure the laws we have BARRING Illegal Immigration withstand these court decisions while ENFORCING existing laws.

This is what Mr. Fox is afraid of and why he, by implication, endorsed liberal globalist Hillary Clinton. He knows President Hillary would veto any legislation that interfered with the "rights" of Illegal Aliens.

I shook my head in amazement when yesterday, Irving Mayor Herbert Gears actually had to DEFEND the actions of the Irving government and police. "We're simply attending to our local responsibility to involve any measure available to improve the quality of life for all people that live in our city, including immigrants." It's safe to say he was referring to Legal Immigrants in that statement.

Mr. Fox made a number of other statements as a former head of state visiting and referring to the United States that are just jaw-dropping. Here's a sample and what SHOULD be the American Government's response to each:

Fox: "Many of the people from my hometown of San Cristobal are people I grew up with; honest hardworking men I played marbles with as kids, and who later had to migrate to North Dallas, Texas. Of course it hurts when these cities deny the people you grew up with and {treat them} like criminals."

Mr. Unloadingzone: If they were so honest and hardworking, why did they HAVE to ILLEGALLY migrate to North Dallas, Texas? Isn't it because Mexico has failed for decades in raising up it's poor and, instead of taking care of them, Mexico is ENCOURAGING the poor to invade America for social services, medical care, jobs, and free education? Isn't it true that your answer to poverty and inequality in Mexico is to EXPORT the problem to the USA? As to treating them like criminals, Mr. Fox, THEY ARE CRIMINALS! They reside in the United States Illegally which is a CRIME. Be my guest: take them all back to Mexico with you and treat them like kings if you like, but stop giving them handbooks on how to sneak across the US border!

Mr. Fox: feels his book is necessary to remind the US citizens of "its rich immigrant soul, its heritage that is now threatened by fear, xenophobia."

Mr. Unloadingzone: The people your ILLEGAL invaders need to fear the most are the Violent Criminal Illegal Aliens who prey on (by YOUR definition, not mine) law-abiding Illegal Aliens knowing the victims won't go to the police." YOUR criminal gangs are taking over California, areas of Texas and Arizona, and spreading throughout the US. Our "rich immigrant soul" applied to LEGAL immigrants, like my grandparents, who went through Ellis Island, entered America legally, had a REAL DESIRE to BE Americans, and blended into the melting pot which once made a unique American culture. This is 2007, not 1897. We can't afford your tired, your poor, your non-assimilating "America is a place to live, not a Country to call home" sub-class. We need nurses from the Philippines and doctors and computer engineers from Eastern Europe and India. We need educated professionals from Japan and a host of other countries who see America as an Opportunity to PARTICIPATE in, not to burden down and exploit.

Mr. Fox also greeted ILLEGAL Alien cooks and busboys at a Manhattan hotel. Thanks for the slap in face and flaunting of OUR laws, Mr. Fox! And why weren't these self-admitted ILLEGAL ALIENS immediately arrested and deported? How can we expect Mr. Fox and others to respect our laws if OUR OWN GOVERNMENT won't enforce them??

Mr. Fox also applauded the actions of Mexican Consul Enrique Hubbard Urrea when he warned (Illegal) immigrants from his country to avoid Irving, TX. He went on to strongly endorse the policy of Felipe Calderon, the current President of Mexico, that the 47 or so Mexican Consulates on US soil should be much more aggressive in defending the rights of Mexican migrants.

Mr. Unloadingzone: First of all, Mr. Fox, we are not talking about "migrants", "immigrants" or "residents".....we are talking about ILLEGAL ALIENS: people who entered this country Illegally and have no legal "right" to be here. At least be accurate in your terms. And of COURSE you support them: they wire HOME to Mexico somewhere in the area of $60 Billion a year, they don't cost you a dime to educate, feed, cloth, or provide medical care for, and are conveniently out of your hair. They are forcing YOUR culture on US while, ironically, the biggest uproar in Mexico right now is that Taco Bell opened up some restaurants in Mexico which will corrupt MEXICAN culture!

But back to the Hillary Clinton for President endorsement. During a rambling diatribe about his grandfather, Mr. Fox concluded with the statement: "That says something about the universality of immigration."

Universality. Globalism. Global Community. Socialism. America Second. World Government. Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton.

So in the Primaries and in the General Election, choose the lesser of the evils: Vote for ANYONE BUT HILLARY in 2008. Your immediate future depends on it.

Also for your reading pleasure on the plane ride home, Mr. Fox (and don't let the door hit you on the way out!):

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