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Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Warned You: Hillary Won't Go Away Quietly Into the Night.....

I tried to warn you. When I wrote my article "FINALLY, A Reason to Vote for President in November" back in June, I told you there was a reason to vote McCain.

NOT because I particularly liked him, NOT because I particularly disliked Obama. The reason was HILLARY CLINTON....and you all laughed at me.

Back in June, I put forth the theory that there will be at least one opening on the Supreme Court during the next 4 years. More within 8 years, but whomever was elected, Obama or McCain, was going to be a one term President. As the Clinton Campaign used to say, "It's the economy, stupid!"

This is not going to be a short recession. It didn't just start last month either, despite what the mainstream press, Sec. Paulson, Congress, and the White House said: it's been going on for over a year.

It's going to last 8-10 years and MAY even turn into a Depression. Four years from now, the voters are going to take their anger out on whomever had won; in this case Obama. With the Democrat party controlling both Houses of Congress for 6 years at the point, they're in for a rough time too.

No, I said back in June that the reason I would vote McCain was because I knew he wouldn't appoint Hillary to the Supreme Court. Obama might.

And you all laughed! You should have seen my emails...most unprintable.

But since President-Elect Obama was chosen to be our 44th President...and that was just a few weeks ago, I have read this in the left-leaning (but we endorsed McCain because our circulation is dropping like a stone; then proceeded to undermine him and help Obama in every story we wrote) Dallas Morning News:

  • A gushing and hopeful article stating there will be THREE Supreme Court vacancies during his term and wouldn't it WONDERFUL to have Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court?
The DMN article talked about ALL the wonderful things she could do, starting with doing away with the 2nd Amendment and getting rid of all the guns LAW ABIDING citizens own.

  • And just this week: Will Hillary Clinton be the next Secretary of State???
That's less dangerous than the Supreme Court but Mr. Obama is still an unknown in many respects: does he really have the back-bone to stand up to a Hillary Clinton and make his own foreign policy, or will Hillary and her "big village" view of the world prevail.

It's hard to imagine Hillary Clinton being like Colin Powell: following orders, complaining in private, but following the lead of the President; whether he personally disagreed or not.

No, she's going to be an Activist at anything she is appointed to. She will either set the foreign policy agenda or undermine Obama's to get what she wants.

Now President-Elect Obama is not naive politically. He doesn't like the Clinton's, doesn't trust them, but he is a politician. Did he have his hour-long sit-down with Hillary for show when he later chooses someone like Richardson, or is she a serious contender?

If he doesn't appoint her Secretary of State, will he pressured to appoint her to the Supreme Court when/if a vacancy appears?

He may not want to, but a lot of women still love Hillary (I don't know why either). He does have to run for re-election one more time.....

Will his political instincts overpower his moral, personal, and accurate judgment of her character? Or will he stand firm.

At this point, who knows? There isn't much of substance he HAS stood firm on up until this point. We're just going to have to wait and see who the REAL President Obama is.

So to all of you who called my crazy..and worse in June; now we have to wait and see. With the economy and America in general crumbling around us, thanks to you we have something ELSE serious to worry about: Hillary Clinton.

She is the Junior Senator from New York (another mystery) with no chance of advancing in the Senate for years. She knows that and doesn't like it. She will fight like a rat backed into a corner for either or the above two posts or anything else which will give her more power.

Screw New York and the people that voted for her: this is ALL ABOUT HILLARY to her.

Mr. Obama, I truly hope you are man enough to be able to stand up to her and keep her in the Senate where she doesn't belong in the first place. You KNOW she will cause you nothing but problems. But there is 2012 to consider, isn't there?

I hope you do the right thing for your Administration and America and not the easy politically expedient course. But America laughed at my fears so now we all have to wait on you....and see who the real Barack Obama turns out to be.


Mr. Unloadingzone
Nov 15 2008

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1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Not only is she not going away, but she is in the process of bringing this fraud down.


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