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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Breaking News: Rep. Ken Paxton, TX District 70, Endorsed by Mr. Unloadingzone!

In an official statement today, Mr. Unloadingzone Publicly & Officially Endorsed Texas State Representative Ken Paxton for re-election in Texas District 70.

Mr. Unloadingzone is not known generally for endorsing political candidates. In the case of Ken Paxton, though, Unloadingzone has made an exception. "If only ALL politicians were cut from the same cloth as Ken Paxton...."

Ken Paxton, the popular three term Texas State Representative, has served in the Texas Legislature since 2002.

Fiscally conservative and a man of unquestioned character, Mr. Unloadingzone feels that in the tough economic times the United States Government has finally admitted have been going on for over a year and Texas Governor Perry's "job growth" figures for the past years revealed to be a majority of minimum wage positions, Texas needs people like Ken Paxton in the Texas State Legislature now more than ever.

The economy nationally and in Texas as well is going to get much worse before it get better. There could be no one better to represent District 70 and Texas during these tough times than Ken Paxton.

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