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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama, Driver's Licenses, and this Immigration MESS

OK, lets see if I've got this right: In order to combat illegal immigration, the Federal Government came one step closer to mandating a National ID Card by instructing the States to come up with "tamper-proof, difficult to counterfeit, "secure" Driver's Licenses. Like all things regarding Federal immigration directives, the requirements are confusing, the mandate unfunded, and the implementation date is fluid.

Never the less, many States are making the effort, incorporating holograms, magnetic strips, special inks and other methods to make their Drivers Licenses more secure....and all at their own expense.

Why are they bothering? If we wake up on January 21, 2009 to an Obama administration, illegal aliens will be issued Drivers Licenses by Presidential decree! That's right, Obama is 100% in favor of issuing US Drivers Licenses to illegal aliens!

At least Hillary is against it after she was for it: the reason being the massive public outrage by her liberal New York constituents.

What is Obama possibly thinking? Let us break down the issue into it's simpler parts.

Security: Why did the Federal Government mandate the secure driver's licenses? Because Driver's Licenses are the closest thing we have to a National Identity Card (NIC) without calling it a National Identity Card (which the people, the ACLU, and the activists groups would never stand for). You can use a Driver's License to cash a check, buy alcohol, rent a car, VOTE, rent an apartment, get a credit card...a whole host of things. And since almost all the 50 driver's licenses out there contain the same vital information a National Identity Card would, it's a backdoor way to establish a NIC without causing an uproar.

So Why Would Obama want to give de facto NICs to Illegal Aliens? I have absolutely no idea. It makes absolutely no sense. It's an insane waste of money by the States for absolutely no purpose. Unless of course, it's the same reason we have bi-lingual voting ballots even though only American Citizens are allowed to vote and in order to be a naturalized citizen, you must be able to demonstrate proficiency in English speaking, reading, and writing. One plausible reason to issue Illegal Aliens Driver's Licenses is to make it easier for them to vote, which is of course illegal. But illegal voting has never bothered either party for long as it was in their favor. So Obama would be trying to buy Democrats.

Road Safety: Each State has it's own little quirks, but by and large, all American drivers are taught how to drive the same way and take the same general tests upon receiving their first Driver's License. That's why when I moved from the North East to Texas, I simply handed them my out-of-state license and they issued me a Texas Driver's License with the same permissions and restrictions. Does Mexico even issue Driver's Licenses? What's the testing criteria? Does it include how to read American road signs? To stop when a school bus has it's lights on? To drive on the right side of the road? Issuing Driver's Licenses to illegals without stringent instruction and testing makes the roads safer HOW? And who is going to give the instruction? I haven't seen any ads for bi-lingual Drivers Ed instructors? And who is going to pay for this bi-lingual instruction? Another unfunded mandate from the Feds.

So Why Would Obama want to give Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens? The easy answer is to curry favor with the Hispanic/Latino community to buy Democrat votes and supporters. It's probably true too, but lets look further. Lets look at the trucking and courier industries: multi-billion dollars hubs of our economy. Gas prices are going up. The Carriers can't afford to absorb the increases. Obama didn't say just Class A Drivers Licenses (cars): he just said "Driver's Licenses". Why not Class C licenses? CDL's? Why not supply the transportation industry of this country with a pool of millions of low skilled, poorly trained, but able to be very poorly paid, truck drivers? Safety be damned, the trucks must roll on....and not at the expense of Big Oil, of course. So bring in the underpaid illegal truck drivers.....God help us all.

Will Giving Illegal Aliens Driver's Licenses make them More Inclined to Buy Car Insurance? No. Of course not. They don't respect or follow our laws already. They don't buy car insurance already. What a silly question for me to ask myself. But you can expect YOUR insurance rates to go through the roof as millions more uninsured Hispanic drivers (literally) hit the road (and you).

So Why is Barack Obama so Intent on Giving Illegal Aliens Driver's Licenses? I looked on his Official Campaign Site and couldn't find the answer (it's not the best indexed site though, so I may have missed it). Folks, you're going to have to figure this one out on your own. Aside from pandering to the Hispanic community, there is not ONE GOOD ANSWER that makes any kind of sense.

Back in the 1960's and 70's, liberal, socialist college students discovered they were pretty much all unemployable in the real world....except as teachers and text book writers...and lawyers. They started the idea that Diversity, not The Melting Pot, was the secret to America's success. And generations passed and today's students actually believe that Diversity translated as the Balkenization of America is how it's always been and how it always should be. As we parents went about our lives blindly assuming that our children were being taught the same civics and American History that we had been, two entire generations were brainwashed.

I had a Hispanic high school student write me (in very bad English) recently asking why I was being so HATEFUL (1st amendment good unless someone offended). She said, (and I'm cleaning up her English) because America is all about Diversity; and why should she give up her language and culture for ME? She also commented that (illegal) Hispanics she knew in Advanced Placement Classes were doing well, so Hispanics were not stupid. I gently reminded her that those AP students were STEALING their education from tax paying Americans. And that maybe some American children didn't make it into the class because the ILLEGAL students took their place. She was fine with that because, like the overwhelming majority of illegals, especially from Mexico, in this country, they feel they have the RIGHT to take from us whatever they can get. The feel they deserve it (I don't know why) and simply because they want a better life than the one they had in Mexico (who can blame them), they can simply walk across the border and TAKE whatever health care, jobs, education and social services they like.....because they WANT to. They have no qualms with breaking OUR laws but God-Forbid you question them or (gasp) try and STOP them! Then WE are the cruel, HATEFUL ones.

And the REAL QUESTION for Mr. Obama, Mr. McCain, and (depending on the day) Mrs Clinton, is WHY ARE YOU HELPING THEM DO IT? Forget the Presidency, as SENATORS, how could you sit back and BETRAY the United States Citizens and the Constitution you SWORE to uphold? ALL of you should be ashamed and NONE of you deserves the Presidency.

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1 Comment:

SSIforeachheadwillcostalot said...

1st I could not stop laughing, I really liked this and it made me have to run to the restroom alot because I was laughing so hard.
I grew up 1/2 Hispanic/Mexican American/Latino/Mayan in Los Angeles. My brother and cousins are very ethnic looking and I came out the ODD ONE as an alabaster skinned girl with pitch black hair, and just did not fit in in the Angelo/Caucassion or Hispanic/Chicano groups. I had 2 friends in LA public school. 1 Vietnamese girl and 1 Jewish girl. I was abandoned by my natural Mother and only lived with my Hispanic Dad during the week and 2 elderly distant loving White Great Aunt/Uncle. The weekdays were a living hell/nightmare all the time. It was during the LaRaza Walkouts times and I only really Lived during the weekends with the 2 elderly relatives. I know how Hispanics drive, my Dad and Grampa are perfect examples. Straight down the street, forget the double yellow lines and speed limit and forget NO ALCOHOL while driving, they did/don't follow those stupid American rules. Here is WHY almost all hispanics feel like they can force their way and culture on the US Citizens. They believe that this IS their land. Go to and type in 'Aztlan' it will explain. There is no way they are ever going to Assimilate. My White relatives that were so kind to me were mistreated so badly by the hispanics that moved into the town and completely took it over. They both passed away from alot of severe atroticities that many Angelo-Whites here in the US are yet to live thru. Most Angelo-White-Caucasions do not at all understand what is wrong with welcoming all the illegals into legality. Unfortunately it will be too late when they learn why. If one does not live in the trenches with these soon to be leagalized illegals they will not comprehend the lack of open handedness. But they will. Only it will be too late. There will probably be no Republican party to speak of ever again. All the Propositions like 207, 277 will be overturned. And as my screen name say's, all the newly legalized will qualify for an Entitlement that is Hard to Get right now for them, SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Here in California an Individual get's SSI/SSP at $888 a month. There's alot of Ameneties and Benefits that go along with the check-in-the-box too. They can own a home of any value as well. I know that there will be lines around blocks at Social Security Offices all over the US with the newly legalized waiting to get on this generous never haveing to work Benefit. If Obama decided to allow the stolen Social numbers to count as Work Credits for Social Security they will also qualify for the SSDI checks plus the SSI. And all their family members will qualify within the home as well for the SSI checks and that's alot of money and alot of non-working and NON-TAXPAYING sitting around collecting. I ran to the North of California to exit the hellish life of So.Cal. Now, I am getting ready to run again. Thought, Canada, but I see that the Latino's are flooding into Canada for the 2 years of Welfare checks they will get before their hearings. So, into the mountains of someplace remote for me. I want to try and get as self contained as possible so I don't have to drive where they are all driving. Except for the fact they are growing pot farms in the mountains all over the place. That's OK, I can smell their corn tortillas in the mornings, to avoid them. I always tried to tan myself to fit in, but it never worked and almost got me skin cancer. Oh well, found a nice place for awhile. Now, it's time to climb higher into the abiss. Be careful on the roads after early 09'. I see them all over right now anyways. Alot get pulled over by the CHP though. Most are hauling Meth.

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