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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why You Should Vote for Maher Maso; Frisco Mayors Race

Long-time Frisco resident Cheri Russell gives her perspective. Over 40,000 new voters are living in Frisco since the last election.

They never saw the Maso accomplishments. They need to hear about them.

Why? Frisco has grown from 15,000 people to over 100,000 this decade alone. At build-out, the population is estimated to be be around 290,000.

Why? Because Mayor Maso played a huge role in the spectacularly successful growth to 100,000.

Why? Because Maso's opponent, Matt Lafata, did not conceive, convince, design or work to completion ANY PROJECTS during his 6 years on City Council.

Why? Because will as Mayor Pro Tem and City Councilman, Maso travelled the State meeting with Country, Regional, State, and Federal agencies, testifying, championing Frisco, and PROTECTING Frisco, Matt Lafata did not do any of the above EVEN ONCE!

Why? Because in the Debates, Maso showed an encyclopedic knowledge of EVERYTHING concerning Frisco. Lafata just kept stepping on his tongue, making outragous policy statements that, if Lafata had been paying attention, were already dismissed YEARS ago as unworkable or unaffordable.

Maybe that's because City Council Member Dr. Jim Joyner, who sits next to Lafata at the Council Meetings, confirmed in PUBLIC the rumor that has been floating around Frisco for years: Matt Lafata spends practically every Council Session working on his personal laptop (even though each Council Member has a computer built into their desks) on his BLOG, and his NEWSLETTERS, and other SELF-PROMOTIONAL materials!

The Council Meetings are televised. Practically every session, for almost ALL the session, there is Matt Lafata, on TV, banging away on his personal laptop; linked to the internet by of all things, the City Library free wireless network, which covers City Hall!

Wake up, Frisco! We can't afford to make the wrong choice out of ignorance or slick PR. Maso is the candidate of passion and substance. Lafata? The would-be emperor wears no clothes.

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