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Saturday, April 26, 2008


If there was any doubt that Clinton hasn't learned a thing from alienating natural allies in the health care debacle, I hope this settles it.

As Newsweek reports, if Hillary gets the nomination, she will seek revenge from those that defected from her campaign.

Our tough-as-nails, ready from Day 1, even-tempered, emotionally stable, 3AM President on call, Hillary Clinton raging, resentful, revengeful, punishing, vindictive, spiteful, mean-spirited threatening defecting super delegates and members of Congress with political obliteration? Will she bake them cookies on their way out?

Why does this surprise anyone? Hillary Clinton hasn't changed her INNER CORE Values since the 1960's! She hasn't learned and grew: she strategized.....for 40 years....for this ONE Chance to be President.

NOTHING will stand in her way. She is absolutely convinced this is her DESTINY. And because Hell has no Fury like a Hillary scorned.

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