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Friday, January 4, 2008

Why Kusinich MUST WIN!

Look at the glint in his eyes: it says it all. "My wife is HOT. She married ME, a little dwarf. Either I'm fantastic in bed or I'm the smartest man on the planet.....or BOTH!

Either way, both make me the most qualified person to be running for President."
Elizabeth will restore instant respect for the Presidency worldwide. And come on, we've had some real barkers as first lady. Walk through the White House and look at the portraits of the former First Ladies. Lady Bird Johnson? Elenore Roosevelt?? Barbara Bush???????? Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton would make being Gay a viable option.
With the exception of Jackie Kennedy, who I guess was considered hot for her time, our First Ladies have not done a good job of highlighting the beauty of the American Woman.
Dennis Kusinich deserves the Presidency because he landed Elizabeth, period. If he knows anything about governing, that's a plus.
Or maybe we should elect Elizabeth Kusinich President! She could charm the terrorists into turning in their arms. She could bring about world peace. Who could say no to that face? If we're going to have a woman President someday, THIS is the woman I want history to remember: not some evil looking, sexual turnoff like Hillary Clinton.
So when you vote Kusinich; and you MUST vote Kusinich; think Elizabeth, not Dennis. SHE'S HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!!.....I mean, qualified.

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My thoughts exactly

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