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Saturday, January 12, 2008

So Who Really Won New Hampshire?

So let me see if I've got this straight: Diebold (now called something else) touchscreen voting machines are easily hacked. Instructions were posted right on the internet and since my town uses the formerly called Diebold voting machines, the hacking method makes perfect sense, having used a Don't-Call-Us-Diebold touchscreen voting machine, with credit card login.

But apparently New Hampshire doesn't use the touch-screen voting machines, but uses optical scanners; there's a paper trail you can follow...but at the same time, how do you hack an optical scanner? It's just reading what's on the ballot. The touch-screen voting machines have a credit card type reader. It makes sense you could code all kinds of mischief onto a blank credit card and stick it into the Diebold (but don't call them that anymore) touch-screen voting machine. Kind of like what the Cylons did on Battlestar Gallactica.

So if Hillary suddenly won big in New Hampshire areas that use the not-called-Diebold optical readers, how do you hack an optical reader? Or did they use touch-screens and it was misreported?

And in a state so fiscally conservative they don't have a State Income Tax OR a Sales Tax (Kudo's New Hampshire!), how does John McCain, the man who said he'd stay (at an enormous cost) in Iraq for a HUNDRED YEARS if that's what it takes, suddenly win in an amazing come-from-behind victory? More importantly, since he could only be President for a maximum of 8 theoretical years and would have died of old age well before the new Hundred Year War had run it's course, can he make such an inane statement?

Likewise, Hillary "Universal Healthcare, Big Government, Big Education" Clinton suddenly appeals to New Hampshire voters? Because she cried? The Live Free or Die state wants a cry-baby as President? Do we really need a President who is ready to cry from Day 1 of her Presidency? If she thinks campaigning is so hard (and it's the very beginning of the primary season), does she have the emotional stability to be President? What will she do when another 9/11 happens.......hide under her desk and sob?

Actually, if you consider the image New Hampshire has, why didn't Ron Paul win in a landslide?

And what really makes me angry is that not only can anyone see how easy it is to hack a not-called-Diebold-anymore touch-screen voting machine, but I LIKE USING the touch-screen voting machines. They make voting easy and fun!

So the moral of the story is computers can't be trusted, New Hampshire is doing a recount at the behest of Dennis Kusinich and other losers which means we should see more video of Elizabeth Kusinich (a virtue in it's own right), paper ballots were somehow generated so I lean towards optical scanners being used, although they may have been made by the-company-formerly-known-as-Diebold Election Systems Inc, now known as Premier Election Solutions Inc., and that if you're bored, you can come up with a lot of ways to not to say Diebold.

But of this I am certain: We need to trust our election process, so as much as I'd like to see Hillary lose in New Hampshire, if that happens because of a paper recount, voter confidence in ANY non-paper solution will be zero. Remember the mad rush to put in the non-paper voting machines? Do we have enough time to blow the dust off the old paper ballot boxes before Super Tuesday? And how will we know someone won't tamper with those: that's why we went to the computerized ballots in the first place!

In the end, whomever wins the primaries and then the general election, there will be a vast amount of Americans who will be convinced they stole the election. We need to come up with an easy, secure, English-only, everyone will be satisfied, stand-alone, not networked together, voting solution that everyone will have faith in, whether their candidate wins or loses.

Otherwise, in a very close election, we're going to look like some South American, banana republic with riots and violence and looting..even more so than we do now with the 18 million or so illegal aliens entrenched here......and the military having to "temporarily" step in as our current insane Commander in Chief declares a State of Emergency and voids the results of the 2008 election until we can come up with a solution. As a favor to us, he'll declare himself "President until the problem is solved". The left and right coasts (and Washington DC) gave away their Second Amendment rights which were specifically designed for situations like this, and the rest of America is too wrapped up in their own lives to get involved (except for Texas of course, but we'd have to fight off the illegal aliens too).

Maybe the Ron Paul Revolution will turn out to be just that. The possibilities are endless. So living in Texas and possessing a Concealed Handgun License, I'm going to the Big Town Gun Show tomorrow to stock up on ammo and maybe pick up another AK-47 and some more pistol magazines. Or maybe I'll just watch the Cowboys versus the Giants football game. The military-industrial complex may be big, but it can't screw with the NFL.

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Caleb Fenton said...

Interesting info here, mate. Thanks for posting.

replace("Cylones", "Cylons")

Scott said...

You wrote: "The military-industrial complex may be big, but it can't screw with the NFL."

Of course they won't mess with the NFL! Modern America's version of "Bread and Circuses" is "Pizza and Football". The ruling class needs to keep the masses contented and in line.

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